Innovest provides fulfillment services for over 10,000,000 documents annually.

Every year, Innovest processes over 6,000,000 payments.

Innovest has converted clients off virtually every legacy trust platform--Charlotte, AddVantage, Global Plus, FIS Metavante, SEI--and most of the smaller providers, as well. Any Innovest client will tell you how much better life is on a modern-era platform.

Like the U.S. Supreme Court, Innovest leverages the expertise and resources of CenturyLink Technology Solutions, a recognized leader in hosting. Innovest relies on CenturyLink Technology Solutions to deliver its state-of-the-art Software as a Service solution.

InnoVue, used by Innovest's clients to provide end-customers with account information such as holdings, recent activity, statements and investment performance, can be accessed by PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Android phones and tablets, and all major web browsers.

FinTech, a wholly owned subsidiary of Innovest, executed over 93 million equity shares last year.

All of Innovest's customer support and information technology staff are based in the US.

When implementing new clients, Innovest converts history from legacy systems and makes it "live and searchable" allowing clients to embrace their future without losing their past.


Market value of all assets administered on InnoTrust's platform, making it one of the largest trust and wealth management systems.

Innovest Systems Announces the Formation of a Risk Advisory Committee

Innovest Systems today announced the formation of its Risk Advisory Committee, comprised of industry experts that will provide risk management insight in the unique asset management and operations support arenas. Formation of this committee demonstrates Innovest’s continuing commitment to being a leader in the Unique Assets industry and will be an integral part of its Managed Services offering.

The Risk Advisory Committee will focus on the risk triggers, legal and regulatory requirements and pricing methodologies for several different unique asset classes including oil and gas, real property, tangible assets and collectibles, closely held businesses, loans and notes and intellectual property. Using a Socratic dialog method of discussing industry challenges, the Risk Advisory Committee aims to develop best practices and guidelines. Currently, the OCC Handbook provides the only industry standard for these topics.

The Committee is comprised of both independent fiduciary industry experts as well as senior Innovest leaders. The inaugural committee members are Michele Hardesty, Richard Jacobs, Betty Keddington (CFIRS, CSOP), Robert Randone, Kip West and Tom Wootten (CRE, FRICS). These Committee members have over 200 years combined fiduciary experience and represent some of the top experts in the field.

Betty Keddington, president of Keddington, LLC Consulting, said, “For quite some time, the market has been lacking an outside body that can provide guidance and insights into the complex matters of unique asset risk management. I am pleased to be a member of the Risk Advisory Committee and am eager to tackle and provide guidance on some of the challenges facing our market.”

About Innovest Systems 
Innovest’s forward thinking technology solutions are the choice of many of the largest Trust Companies, Wealth Management firms, Retirement Platforms, and Philanthropic organizations in the industry.

Its scalable and robust cloud-based technology stack is used to support AUA in trust accounting and wealth management, retirement accounts, collective funds, payments and statements & tax forms. Innovest’s Managed Services division also provides comprehensive back- and middle-office services to organizations around the country.

Innovest is also the largest provider of fiduciary Unique Asset accounting, management and outsourcing services in the country, covering assets including Oil, Gas, Minerals, Real Estate, Closely-Held Businesses and Farms.