Innovest provides fulfillment services for over 10,000,000 documents annually.

Every year, Innovest processes over 6,000,000 payments.

Innovest has converted clients off virtually every legacy trust platform--Charlotte, AddVantage, Global Plus, FIS Metavante, SEI--and most of the smaller providers, as well. Any Innovest client will tell you how much better life is on a modern-era platform.

Like the U.S. Supreme Court, Innovest leverages the expertise and resources of CenturyLink Technology Solutions, a recognized leader in hosting. Innovest relies on CenturyLink Technology Solutions to deliver its state-of-the-art Software as a Service solution.

InnoVue, used by Innovest's clients to provide end-customers with account information such as holdings, recent activity, statements and investment performance, can be accessed by PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Android phones and tablets, and all major web browsers.

FinTech, a wholly owned subsidiary of Innovest, executed over 93 million equity shares last year.

All of Innovest's customer support and information technology staff are based in the US.

When implementing new clients, Innovest converts history from legacy systems and makes it "live and searchable" allowing clients to embrace their future without losing their past.


Market value of all assets administered on InnoTrust's platform, making it one of the largest trust and wealth management systems.

Software Architecture

Innovest Systems’ Software Architecture is based on "n -Tier" technology, which allows each layer to be developed, managed, deployed, and enhanced independently. Our software systems are partitioned into three networked layers or tiers: the Presentation Tier, the Application Tier, and the Data Tier.

The Presentation Tier

The Presentation Tier consists of software running in two locations: Client side and Server side.

The Client side is a combination of Dynamic HTML and highly-optimized JavaScript code running in the user's web browser. Client deployment is "thin" because there is nothing to download or install. Dynamic HTML (DHTML) and AJAX technology provides the user with a rich, friendly experience without costly round-trips to the server. Client server communication uses HTTPS for data security and integrity.

Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) is used to host the Server side. IIS (ASP and invokes a set of Innovest COM+ components, written in C++ and C#, that dispatch requests from the web browser to the Application Tier using Distributed COM, DCOM, get the results back in XML format, and use XSLT templates to render forms and reports for display to the Client side. These components are deployed across a web server "farm" for scalability. The combination of C++ code, C# code, XML data, and XSLT formatting used in the Presentation Tier gives the Innovest architecture huge advantages in ease of development, customization, and maintenance, as well as processing speed. For advanced reporting capabilities, Innovest uses Crystal Reports deployed on a dedicated Crystal RAS server, off ering maximum performance and scalability.

The Application Tier

The Business Logic Tier is composed of COM+ components written in C++ and .NET Assemblies written in C#. These components are deployed across a set of load-balanced application servers. Requests from the presentation layer can be dispatched to any application server in the "farm", which can be scaled out as needed, to support any processing load. The COM+ components use Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) and the Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC) to ensure transactional data integrity. The Business Logic Tier communicates with the Data Tier using the Microsoft Active Data Objects (ADO and interface in combination with OLE DB. Connection pooling is employed to minimize connection overhead. For security purposes, all components run as dedicated service accounts with minimal OS rights.

Innovest also provides direct access to the Business Logic Tier through a secure web services framework built on the Microsoft.NET platform, off ering a simple, secure, and standardized interface for third-party integration needs.

The Data Tier

The Data Tier consists of Microsoft SQL Server running on high availability blade servers with a shared 3PAR Storage Area Network configured for RAID10 off ering maximum fault tolerance and quality of service. All high-volume operations are done through stored procedures (using T-SQL) to achieve maximum performance and security.